written @ 9:46 p.m. on September 26, 2002

Shannon: (Me) There's not much I can say about myself, that hasn't been said on my bio page, so just go there.

Zack: (The Boyfriend) The most amazing person I've ever met in my life, hands down. He's my best friend and my future husband. He's the one person who knows everything there is to know about me, and nothing makes me happier. We're going to grow old together and have a million babies, I can't wait.

Sherry: (the Mommy) Mom's pretty cool. A breat cancer survivor, she definitely partied her way through the 70's with my Dad. She has her cool moments, and she has the old mom moments when I'm surprised that she acts to damn dorky.

Mark: (the Daddy) Yeah, thanks to the divorce when I was two, I don't get to see him that much. Well, lately it's been hardly at all thanks to work, but he's cool. He parties...a lot, but it gives him "edge" I guess (that, and not enough brain cells.) He's a kick ass chef and a great drink maker.

Caitlin: (The Sister) What a fucking handful. She's got red hair that definitely lets you know she's outta control. She has her cool moments, like when she gave me her prized Monsters Inc. poster, and when we always find time to watch either of the Harry Potter movies. She's pretty cool sometimes...and is 4 going on 16.

Meredith: (the Good Friend) I've known her since I was about 6, which is scary...because that means we've known each other for 10 years. Eek...that's more than half of my life. She's cooler than she'll probably admit, and is there for me whenever I need her. That's why she's so damn cool.

Doris: (The Grandma) The strongest woman I've ever met (emotionally.) She's been through a lot, the death of her husband, miscarriages, deaths of family friends, breast cancer...she's invincible. She can handle anything. And I love her to pieces.

Patrick: (The Stepdad) It's come to me that I either like him or I don't, there's never really an inbetween. He's buying me a he's on my good list in the long run.

Elise: (The friend) She's so great. I can't see enough of her. Whenever I talk to her I know I can unleash anything that's bothering me, and she'll give me an unbiased opinion on what's going on. She's absoutely gorgeous, too, it's nerve racking, if I do say so myself. She's my healthy dose of Estrogen when I have none else in the world...I love her.

Jenn: (The friend) I've come to love this girl like no one else. With two years of Photography behind us, we've shared a lot. I miss her, more than she knows, and I love her. She's an incredible woman with an incredible heart.

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